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My name is Gabriele Simionato and as far as I can remember, I have always been a puzzle enthusiast. Friends challenged me with every kind of riddle or logical question, and this encouraged my inclination toward maths. The first time I solved a sudoku was in 2005. It was love at first sight so I decided to take part at the Italian Sudoku Championship earning a third place. Since then, I attended a dozen of different puzzle & sudoku world championships, and results improved a lot. I’ve met sudoku passionates and had the chance to learn many solving tips from the best players in the world. I bring the same passion in my heart, sharing it with people who read my ebooks and enjoy solving the games I prepare. I love to find out new techniques and tricks to solve puzzles, embedding them in my games to create a new challenge every time.

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SENEC – Slovakia

The 11th World Sudoku Championship just took place in western Slovakia, and – guess what? – the three players on the podium in the previous year were the same on the podium in 2016. And so did the best three teams. Just their positions were shifted, in demonstration that sudoku is a game of skill and not of luck.

The Individual Competition lasted 3 days, in which more than 200 players from 24 countries struggled to be acclaimed as the fastest solver in the world. We are now happy to celebrate the Estonian Tiit Vunk as new champion: in the last round he managed to overtake the Czech and the Japanese finalists, achieving his first gold medal ever after two consecutive silver medals in 2015 and 2014.

Among the Team Competition, the Czech players managed to leave China and the reigning champions of Japan behind them, gaining another gold medal after the first one 2008. China reaffirmed the silver medal of the previous year. (Quick Trivia: based on the given information so far, which medal did Japan win in 2015?)

Despite the competition having being held in Europe, six players out of the 10 best performers were from China, Japan or Korea, in response to the increasing appeal of sudoku competitions among Asian players. In fact Asia is going to be seat of the upcoming event: the world sudoku championship in 2017 will be hosted in Bangalore, India.

Do you want to be part of it and challenge the best players from every corner of the world? You are welcome to! Just contact your country’s federation to learn how you can be part of the team. There are categories for players Under 15 and Over 50. You will meet other sudoku enthusiasts and will learn a lot of tips to impress your friends when you’re back. Keep training!

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