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Today's Challenges [?]

  Level   Sudoku # Stats Play
Beginners416562 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Beginners176550 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Medium788146 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Medium799571 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Hard1491936 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Wicked1740058 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku

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  Level   Sudoku # Stats Play
Beginners202832Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Beginners262780Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Medium709326Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Medium829978Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Hard1158967Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Wicked1762434Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play is a home for all online Sudoku players from all over the world.
A Sudoku puzzle is a numeric crossword puzzle where the goal is to fill up a 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row and each of the 3×3 sub-grids contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

Latest Games

  Level   Sudoku # Player Time When Play
Medium704007Amy Reynolds10:322017-09-20 23:24:59Play Sudoku
Medium646295yossi11:502017-09-20 23:23:38Play Sudoku
Medium872808Forestgimp08:302017-09-20 23:23:32Play Sudoku
Hard1048040bgjhaveri200926:112017-09-20 23:23:16Play Sudoku
Beginners1454MrDg5803:432017-09-20 23:22:59Play Sudoku
Medium881115edwin03:262017-09-20 23:19:32Play Sudoku
Medium708790Fuad05:582017-09-20 23:17:43Play Sudoku
Medium777035quangminhdo07:252017-09-20 23:16:45Play Sudoku
Medium735169Perfecto Gener Navarro09:212017-09-20 23:16:26Play Sudoku
Wicked1726157booktraveler05:212017-09-20 23:15:23Play Sudoku