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Today's Challenges [?]

  Level   Sudoku # Stats Play
Beginners147985 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Beginners277022 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Medium505547 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Medium573337 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Hard1118212 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku
Wicked1969172 Sudoku Statistics Play Sudoku

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  Level   Sudoku # Stats Play
Beginners173860Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Beginners468216Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Medium558182Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Medium880065Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Hard1276643Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play
Wicked1661238Sudoku StatisticsSudoku Play is a home for all online Sudoku players from all over the world.
A Sudoku puzzle is a numeric crossword puzzle where the goal is to fill up a 9x9 grid with digits so that each column, each row and each of the 3×3 sub-grids contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

Latest Games

  Level   Sudoku # Player Time When Play
Medium894054sanger08:062017-06-24 13:04:01Play Sudoku
Wicked1606646DianeS22:192017-06-24 12:58:27Play Sudoku
Medium616554sanger12:252017-06-24 12:55:41Play Sudoku
Medium636105Golfcanadian200510:022017-06-24 12:49:23Play Sudoku
Medium823502sanger13:562017-06-24 12:43:03Play Sudoku
Medium847455Eskandar05:182017-06-24 12:41:12Play Sudoku
Wicked1836273jackson30430:142017-06-24 12:40:57Play Sudoku
Wicked1826223wangt8811:522017-06-24 12:38:24Play Sudoku
Wicked1839338jessedewey03:392017-06-24 12:38:04Play Sudoku
Beginners259953danaken29:002017-06-24 12:35:39Play Sudoku