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Sudoku 50046 - Beginners

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Arrow keysMove the cursor around the Sudoku grid
1-9Fill digit in cell
TabMove to the right
Shift + TabMove to the left
BackspaceClear cell
SpacebarClear cell
DeleteClear cell
Ctrl + ZUndo move
XClear all digits from the Sudoku grid
CCheck solution
Ctrl + SSave game
ALT + 1-9Highlight Digit
The following keys require that "Allow pencil marks" is enabled from the options menu:
VClear all pencil marks
1-9When digit already present in cell - make the digit a pencil mark
1-9When digit is a pencil mark - remove the pencil mark
0 or H or EnterFill pencil marks automatically

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Beginners Puzzle #50046
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Beginners Puzzle #50046


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