How to improve Sudoku rankings

So you’ve been playing a lot of time on your favourite Sudoku website, and and you want to climb the ranks of the leaderboard.

In most cases, the only way to do that is by achieving a better time.

How can you save time while solving Sudoku online?

Mouse & Keyboard are your Pencil & Eraser. Use them both if you can. Many online solvers allow you to operate with right mouse button to quick up some operations. Others have keyboard shortcuts with which you can highlight numbers, select candidates, correct mistakes. Learn the interface, get acquainted with it, and use the tools you are given at your advantage.

While training, always time yourself. Almost every software does that for you, but if you are training on your desk you’ll need a stopwatch. Stop the clock right after you write down the last digit, and before you check the solution (that is because the computer automatically checks for the correctness in a fraction of a second.).

Timing also shows you your progress directly and you’ll feel that training was worth doing.

Keep in mind how hard the Sudoku is. If you are solving an easy Sudoku don’t lose your time looking for Hidden Triples and focus on Full Houses or Hidden Singles. If the grid is hard, you know that at least one advanced solving technique will be embedded in the solving process.

Knowing in advance what kind of challenge the Sudoku bears reduces the challenge level itself. use this information to your advantage.

Play rated games when you feel in the mood. You know best than everyone else. Are you a quicker solver in the morning? Or are your performances better before bedtime? Know your habits and your skills and prefer playing sudoku when you can be concentrated. Your results and your rank will improve greatly.

Check out our Sudoku Rules and Techniques section, or try a Wicked Free Sudoku challenge.

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